Valcom VMT-1 Impedance Matching Transformer - VMT-1

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The Valcom VMT-1 transformer is designed to match inputs from or outputs to a 600-ohm line.

Used as an input-matching transformer, it connects telephone systems to most public address amplifiers, for telephone paging. In addition it functions as an output-matching transformer to feed program material over a 600-ohm telephone line for "music-on-hold". It is compatible with any amplifier having a 25V output connection.

  • Hi-Z, 10k-OHM Primary Impedance
  • Lo-Z, 600-OHM Secondary Impedance, Balanced with Center Tap
  • Matches High-to-Low Impedance or Low-to-High Impedance
  • Adapts Line Level Signals to Microphone Inputs
  • Phono Jack or Screw Terminals for Hi-Z Side
  • Screw Terminals for Lo-Z Side
  • Steel Enclosure with Mounting Ears Allows Easy Mounting
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