Tripp Lite HDMI HDBaseT KVM Console Extender Over Cat6 2 USB IR 4K @ 30Hz - B013-HU-4K

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KVM Console Extender for Digital Signage or Extending Video in Offices or Command Centers
This extender kit includes a transmitter (local unit) and a receiver (remote unit) that work in tandem to extend and distribute HDMI audio/video, USB and IR (infrared) remote signals. Using Cat6 cabling (sold separately), the B013-HU-4K transmits 1080p video from a computer, Blu-ray player or other media center to an HDMI display or interactive whiteboard located up to 230 feet away. By connecting a keyboard and mouse to the receiver's dual USB ports, you can also control the source device from that same distance.

Recommended for Digital Signage or Extending Video Across Offices or Command Centers
Especially useful in control or security applications, the B013-HU-4K is ideal for command centers, data control centers, banks, governments, enterprise applications and especially any harsh environments, such as factories and warehouses. By extending audio/video signals, you can safely store your source computer in a cabinet or other enclosure, keeping it free of dust and blocking noise created by its fans, while watching the display in a different room or even a warehouse or factory floor.

Transmits Both 1080p and Uncompressed 4K Video and LPCM Audio with Zero Latency
This HDBaseT kit extends 1080p video resolutions up to 230 feet, as well as 4K video (3840 x 2160 at 30 Hz) up to 130 feet with 24-bit Deep Color (8 bits per channel). It also supports uncompressed LPCM, compressed DTS-HD and compressed Dolby TrueHD audio with no signal loss or added latency.

IR Pass-Through Technology Lets You Control the Video from the Next Room
Full bi-directional IR extension lets you control the source device with its remote (play, pause, fast forward, etc.), while you're standing near the receiver in another room. Video and audio will play without stalling or delayed data transmission. Make sure the transmitter's IR bulb is within sight of the source and the receiver's IR bulb is in range of the source's remote.

Plug-and-Play Operation for Quick Setup and Immediate Use
The included transmitter and receiver units work right out of the box with no software required. Because they connect using existing network infrastructure, you avoid the hassle and expense of running new Cat5e/6 cables. LED indicators alert you of power and connection status of both units at a glance.

Typical Applications

  • Keep your video sources in a secure or quiet location, with a display located elsewhere for viewing by the intended audience
  • Extend 4K video over existing Cat6 cabling to cut costs on infrastructure
  • Create an easily updatable video board communicating dynamic information, such as a restaurant menu or a theater schedule
  • Display arrivals, departures and up-to-the-minute information in an airport or train station
  • Connect an interactive whiteboard to use for visual aids in your lecture or presentation

System Requirements

  • Source devices with HDMI output (media server, Blu-ray player, PC)
  • Display device with HDMI input (HDTV, projector, whiteboard)
  • USB keyboard and mouse

  • Uses existing Cat5e/6 network infrastructure, saving you the expense of new cables
  • Delivers 4K picture quality at Ultra HD resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 @ 30 Hz
  • Supports DTS-HD, Dolby TrueHD and uncompressed LPCM digital audio with no latency
  • IR pass-through feature allows you to control the source while standing in another room
  • Plug-and-play operation with no software required for easy, immediate installation
  • 3-year limited warranty
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