Tripp Lite 600W Line Conditioner w/ AVR / Surge Protection 230V 2.6A 50/60Hz C13 3 Outlet Power Conditioner - LR604

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The LR604 600W 230V Power Conditioner adjusts under- and overvoltages to provide safe, computer-grade AC power. Built-in automatic voltage regulation(AVR) offers two levels of voltage stabilization that correct undervoltages as low as 189V and overvoltages as high as 247V back to regulated 230V nominal power. Providing optimum voltage conditions not only extends the life of your equipment, but also keeps your equipment working through brownouts and prolonged overvoltage conditions.

  • Protects against spikes with 340 joules of surge suppression
  • Monitors power status with front-panel diagnostic LEDs
  • Features 3 IEC-320 C13 rear outlets
  • Ideal for computers, routers, modems and home theater components
  • Corrects under- and overvoltages in 189V-247V range
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