Tripp Lite 10-Port USB Charging Station Hub Tablet / Smartphone / iPad / Iphone 5V 21A 105W - U280-010

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10-Port USB charger powers up to 10 mobile devices simultaneously without the need to connect to a computer. Up to 5V, 2.1A of power is provided to each port to charge even the most power-hungry devices, such as the Apple iPad. Overheating and overcurrent technology ensure safe use with all of your devices. Overcharging feature stops charging your device when its battery is full to prevent affecting the life of your battery. Rubber feet protect delicate desktops and prevent sliding on smooth surfaces.

  • Charges up to 10 tablets, phones or other mobile devices
  • Provides up to 5V, 2.1A per port to 10 ports simultaneously
  • An individual port can provide a maximum of 5V, 2.4A of power
  • Charge your devices without the need to connect to a computer
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