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Capture pure wireless sound in any shooting situation, from weddings to news, sporting events and documentaries. Sony's new UWP-D series teams crisp digital audio processing with dependable RF transmission ? in a light, compact package that?s extremely easy to use.


  • Sony?s Digital Audio Processing for superb sound quality.
  • True double tuner/antenna diversity for reliable and stable signal reception.
  • The wide bandwidth of up to 72MHz and 2,772 frequencies in 25kHz steps.
  • ?NFC SYNC? for quick and easy frequency setting with single button scan.
  • High visibility OLED display for indoor/outdoor use.
  • Reduced size of bodypack, plug-on, and receiver (relative to previous series).
  • Digital Audio recording with new SMAD-P5 MI shoe-mount adapter.
  • Channel memory function for fast switching between two receiver frequencies.
  • Accurate to the minute count-up battery timer.

Sony is pleased to introduce the next generation of the popular UWP-D wireless microphone series
With user-friendly features ideal for ENG, Live Events, Cinema, Internet Production, & many more professional applications.
The UWP-D wireless series delivers superb sound quality by utilizing an advanced DSP circuit for processing audio, and highly reliable transmission with true double tuner/antenna diversity per channel. Set-up and operation have been simplified with NFC pairing, transmitter sync from the receiver, and pre-programmed channel plans. The new SMAD-P5 Digital MI shoe adaptor provides cable free, high-quality audio and integrated power management.

Great sound made smarter
Make sure you?re heard on camera with absolute clarity. 24-bit audio is crisp and clear, with direct digital recording through MI (Multi-Interface) shoe equipped camcorders with the new SMAD-P5 MI shoe adaptor that bypasses A/D and D/A conversion stages. Seamless integration with the PXW-Z280 and PXW-Z190 camcorders, it displays mic information like RF levels, audio mute status and transmitter?s low battery alert in your camera?s viewfinder.

Quick, easy set-up
Sony's UWP-D series is great for videographers and camera operators working solo. By simply holding the NFC SYNC button on the receiver for a few seconds, it automatically scans the appropriate frequency. Users just need to touch the receiver with the transmitter for transferring the channel. ? saving time so you?re ready to start capturing great sound for your next scene. And with rock-solid RF transmission, you?ll enjoy the stable wireless sound with virtually no glitches, dropouts or distortion.

Even more mobile
Beautifully light and compact, UWP-D Series won?t slow you down when you?re on the move. It?s an ideal match for today?s compact camcorders and interchangeable-lens digital cameras ? giving you pure, dependable sound with less to carry.

Any way you want it
You?re ready to go with a choice of practical, cost-effective UWP-D series wireless packages to suit today?s audio applications ? from videographers to documentary makers and news reporters.

Additional Features

  • Extremely compact, lightweight, and robust body construction.
  • Multi-receiver monitoring of a single transmitter
  • Monitor mode allows the receiver to be used as an ear monitor.
  • Variable muting function offers multiple ways to mute audio.
  • Attenuator (21 dB in 3-dB steps) reduces noise distortion.
  • Active channel scan detects Sony transmitters within the same frequency group.
  • Selectable auto gain mode control actively adjusts audio levels
  • +15 dB gain volume boost mode protects sound quality when the microphone is farther from talent
  • Switchable MIC/LINE input level on bodypack and plug-on transmitter
  • Headphone Output for monitoring
  • USB power supply
  • 48V phantom power on Plug-on transmitter
  • Backward compatibility with Sony WL-800/UWP/UWP-D series
  • Output level control for the receiver
  • Occupancy Sensor mode for reducing interference from ?Green? building lighting sensors
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