Sony TRIMASTER EL BVM-E171 - OLED display - color - 17" - High Definition

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The BVME171 is a 16.5-inch TRIMASTER ELtrade reference monitor, with 2nd Gen OLED. Dramatically improved viewing angle for critical picture evaluation in the studio and on-set TRIMASTER ELtrade reference monitor with 2nd Gen OLED panel. Dramatically improved viewing angle for critical picture evaluation in the studio and on-set for professional applicationsuch as color grading, high-end editing, broadcasting and scientific research, Sony leading edge Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology and signals processing technology ensures absolutely outstanding performance with the BVM-E171. The color shift depending on the viewing angle has been reduced to less than half that of the 1st generation OLED panels. It allows several people to evaluate the image with extreme accuracy at the same time, increasing the monitor versatility in top end monitoring solutions. Superb picture performance Sony TRIMASTER ELtrade technology combines the ultimate performance of Sony OLED display with the highly sophisticated TRIMASTERtrade technology to provide the highest level of picture performance: Wide viewing angle Accurate Black Reproduction High purity and accurate color reproduction Quick response time with virtually no motion blur Very high contrast ratio Flicker Free Mode The TRIMASTER EL OLED panel superb quick response and scan-driving performance deliver stunning picture quality with virtually no motion blur. However, there is a possibility that flicker is just visible especially when a lower frequency signal is displayed (24p, 24PsF, and 50i). To remove visible flicker, the BVM-E171 is equipped with a Flicker-free Mode. Super Top Emissiontrade Technology Sony's Super Top Emissiontrade technology has a micro-cavity structure which incorporates color filters. The micro-cavity structure uses an optical resonance effect to enhance color purity and improve light-emission efficiency. In addition, the color filter of each RGB further enhances the color purity of emitted light and reduces ambient light reflection. Ultimate Sony Display Engine A high-precision signal processing engine has been developed to fulfil the reference monitor criteria and is optimized to maximize OLED panel performance.


  • State-of-the-art product
  • Flicker free mode
  • DC operation
  • ITU-R BT.2020 support for 4K production
  • Accepts computer signals via HDMI
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