Sony HZC-MSCN1 - License - up to 96 cameras

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The HZC-MSCN1 multi-camera control software option for the CNA-1 camera control network adaptor allows you to control up to 96 Sony'system cameras from a third party controller. This provides very cost effective control of large camera systems and easy installation. Without HZC-MSCN1 software, it would be necessary to have one CNA-1 per camera.


  • Multi-camera control: Control up to 96 Sony'system cameras over an IP network from a third party controller
  • Savings and easy set-up: More cost effective than using standard CNA-1 without HZC-MSCN1 installed
  • Activation key for pre-installed software
  • Converts Sony 700PTP protocol to Simple Protocol for easy control
  • Add additional cameras and products
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