Sony HDVF-EL20 - Viewfinder - for Sony HDC-1700, 1700 3G, 3100, 3170, 3500, HXC-FB80, XDCAM PXW-X400, X500, Z450

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Bright high-end OLED viewfinder for 4K/HD system cameras and camcorders, with additional sub-LCD display The HDVFEL20 is a 0.7-inch (viewable area, measured diagonally) full HD OLED viewfinder, which enables quick pixel response for tracking and focusing on moving objects. It delivers outstanding high contrast and a wide dynamic range thanks to the use of revolutionary Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display technology. With its specially developed optical loupe, a high eye-point is possible. It allows operators to see a wider area of the picture if they stand back from the eye piece. The image displayed on the viewfinder can be downscaled by menu or assignable button to avoid vignetting. The HDVFEL20 viewfinder is compatible with a wide variety of cameras such as the F65 Sony motion picture cameras, 4K/HD system cameras and shoulder-type HD camcorders supporting the 20pin round HDVF interface.


  • 0.7-inch 1920 x 1080 OLED panel OLED technology - a self-emitting technology - guarantees highest contrast ratio
  • No smear or blur, reproduces motion with high fidelity
  • Easy to focus 4K image
  • Works with Sony 4K/HD cameras and camcorders
  • Compatible with Sony F65 digital motion picture camera, 4K/HD system cameras and shoulder-type HD camcorders supporting the HDVF 20pin round analog viewfinder interface
  • High contrast ratio
  • Specially developed optical loupe
  • Effective assignable buttons
  • As the viewfinder adopts advanced organic light emitting diode panel technology, quick pixel response for tracking and focusing on moving objects is possible
  • Thanks to the OLED panel, characteristics such as deep black color reproduction and high-peak brightness, higher contrast and wider dynamic range are achieved
  • Thanks to a specially developed optical loupe, the eye-point becomes longer than the existing portable OLED viewfinder with lower picture distortion
  • The viewfinder allows you to assign useful functions to the buttons, such as switching color mode to black/white, focus magnification
  • In addition HIEYE function reduces/downscales the image size to allow longer distance viewing
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