Sony HDLA-1500 - Large lens adaptor - for Sony HDC-1700, HDC-1700 3G Package, HDC-3500, HDC-3500H

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The HDLA1500 is a highly sophisticated large lens adaptor for the HDC1500R/1400R, HDC1550R/HDC1450R and HDC3300R. It allows the camera to be used with a large lens and a large CRT viewfinder EX.(HDVF-700A).With the HDLA-1500 large lens adaptor, time-consuming, adjustments, as well as wiring, are absolutely eliminated. Utilizing a newly developed interlocking mechanism, the power, video, and control signals are passed on directly from the portable cameras to the HDLA adaptor. This unique mechanism also allows the portable cameras to be attached and detached without removing the large lens. Furthermore, the lens can be removed even when the camera is mounted on the HDLA adaptor. The interlocking mechanism allows for an astonishingly quick and smooth setup.


  • The HDLA-1500 large lens adaptor incorporates a totally new interlocking mechanism
  • Which allows a large lens to be attached/detached from the portable HDC-1500
  • Relieving operators from lengthy mechanical adjustments
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