Sony HDCE-100 - Video extender - 3U

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Many sports facilities including stadiums, golf courses, race tracks and winter sports venues utilize a single mode fiber cables on a temporary or permanent basis for long distance camera cable transmission. To meet the growing demand, Sony is introducing the HKCUSM100 CCU extension adapter and HDCE100 camera extension adapter. With these newly released products, Sony offers a total system solution from camera to CCU using single mode fiber cable. With the HKCUSM100 and HDCE100, the maximum distance extends up to 10 km. HKCUSM100 and HDCE100 will work with 4k (F55/CA4000 and HDC4300), HDC and HSC series camera system. Note: HDCE100 will supply the power to camera head via SMPTE FIBER cable.


  • Long distance operation
  • Power supply to camera head
  • It will work with 4k(F55/CA4000+BPU4000), HDC or HSC camera system
  • Provides long-distance transmission from a camera to a Camera Control Unit (CCU) with single mode fiber and SMPTE fiber cables
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