Sony ECM-CS10 Tie-Clip-Style Omnidirectional Business Microphone

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Sony ECM-CS10 Business Microphone Extremely small and inconspicuous, the new ECM-CS10 Microphone clipseasily to clothing for convenient hands-free recording. Perfect for business meetings or lectures, this Omni-Directional Stereo Microphone comes withan Integrated Stand, a 2-way power supply and an L-Shape Mini-Plug that fits most portable recorders. Features: * Lavalier Styling includesa clip to attach to clothing; permits convenient,hands-free recording * Small, Inconspicuous Design makes the recording process more natural andless obtrusive * One-Piece Tie-Tac Mic with Integrated Clip for maximum simplicity, ease of use * Omni-Directional Pattern picks up voices from all directions; ideal for business meetings andlectures * 2-Way Power Supply offers plug-in power with selected Sony or Aiwa portable recorders; battery power for use with all other recorders * Sleek, Round-Edge Battery Box with a clip for attaching to clothes * Oxygen-Free Copper Litz Cord for minimum loss, minimum noise * L-Shaped Mini-Plug fits portable recorders * Gold-Plated Plug for maximum conductivity, minimum noise * Integrated Stand for meetings and lectures. Product Note: 1. The recorder you plug it into must be a stereo recorder, or used with an adapter to convert the stereo plug to mono. If you plug this microphone into a mono recorder or other equipment, you may short out the microphone circuit, preventing any sound. 2. Being a condenser microphone, it needs power to run it. It has to be plugged into equipment that has power on the mic jack. PC?s and laptop microphone inputs, as well as some Sony recording equipment and other brands of recording equipment, are designed to accept a condenser microphone.


  • Lavalier styling -- includes a clip to attach to clothing; permits convenient, hands-free recording
  • Small, inconspicuous -- makes the recording process more natural and less obtrusive
  • Integrated clip for maximum simplicity & ease of use
  • Omni-directional pattern -- picks up voices from all directions; ideal for meetings and lectures
  • External (plug-in) power only
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