Sony DWR-R02DN - Wireless audio receiver

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The DWX Series utilizes a true digital transmission scheme, allowing for a compander free audio signal path. The DWR-R02DN dual-channel diversity receiver supports 2-ch operation and allows for remote control of wireless system parameters (access to both TX and RX settings) from the front panel of the receiver.Each channel is equipped with a large OLED display for easy operation. To assist in wireless system set-up, the digital wireless receiver includes both clear channel and active channel scan functions. A pair of external AN series antennas (optional) can be connected (cascaded) with up to 8 x DWR-R02D(N), eliminating the need for an external antenna divider.In addition, the receiver is supplied with remote control software, to allow for control and monitoring of the status of wireless system parameters remotely, using a Windows PC. As well, through the use of a DWR-R02D(N) network connected Wi-Fi Router, one can add stand-alone or additional Wi-Fi remote control and monitoring of receiver/transmitter parameters and settings on an Android or IOS smart phone or tablet by utilizing Sony WSM (Wireless Studio Mobile) app, (available for free from both the Google Play Store and ITunes app store). DWX N Series models offer two additional menu selectable codec modes for enhanced sound quality and shorter audio latency, or increased transmission distance.The DWR-R02DN lsquoWide Band receiver design allows for tuning to all transmitterspectrum blocks offered by the lsquo14, lsquo30, and lsquo42 DWX transmitter models (192MHz across 33 UHF TV channels, with access to 7,623 frequencies). DWX N Series models offer two additional menu selectable codec modes for enhanced sound quality with shorter audio latency, or increased transmission distance.


  • high quality 48 kHz / 24 bit digital audio
  • Digital modulation offers reliable/secure transmission and It's less subject to interference
  • Includes up to 50% increase in the number of wireless audio channels
  • Innovative wireless remote control of the transmitter from the receiver (using 2.4 GHz IEEE802.15.4 communication technology)
  • Includes clear channel and active channel scanning
  • Supports AES3 digital and analog audio outputs
  • UHF-TV channels 14 to 51 (470 to 542 MHz),(566 MHz to 607 MHz),(615 MHz to 638 MHz), and (638 to 698 MHz) - (excludes ch.26-29, and ch.37).
  • (Codec Mode 1) - Maintains system compatibility with existing non N Series DWX models.
  • (Codec Mode 2) - Provides for highest quality sound and shorter audio latency (Analog out - 1.5msec Digital out 2.5msec).
  • (Codec Mode 3) - Alternately provides for additional error correction scheme that expands the RF Transmission distance (operational range).
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