SIIG CyberSerial 2-port PCI Express Serial Adapter - JJ-E10D11-S3

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  • Designed to add two 9-pin RS-232 serial ports to PCIe enabled desktop computers
  • Two high-speed 16950 UART serial ports supporting asynchronous baud rates of up to 921.6Kb/s
  • Built-in 128-byte buffers dramatically increase data transfer rates especially under Windows multi-tasking environment
  • Works as either a standard RS-232 port or with a 5V/12V power output for devices that require power such as handheld scanners, table scanners, POS displays and many more
  • On board power connector to provide reliable power source for devices that require power from the serial port
  • Dual profile works in any available PCI Express slots of different lane widths
  • Installs in standard height or low profile chassis with included low profile brackets
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