Sony XDCA53 Sony HD Camera Adaptor for PMW-EX3


The XDCU-53 is a key component of Sony's PMW-EX3 HD Camera Extension System, consisting of a camera adaptor, which connects to the camcorder, and the XDCU-50 Camera Extension Unit (sold separately), which controls key camera functions. When combined with one of Sonys compatible camera remote controllers, the system can remotely control a broad range of camera parameters. The XDCA-53 Camera Adaptor is designed to be used with the PMW-EX3 camcorder, and attaches with a supplied bracket to the VCT-SP2BP shoulder support (also sold separately). The XDCA53 adaptor is supplied with a power supply cable as well as a remote control cable. Two short coaxial BNC jumper cables required for connection between the PMW-EX3 and the XDCA-53 are also supplied. The XDCA-53 connects to the XDCU-50 Camera Extension Unit via two BNC cables (not supplied), one for the camera signal, the other for the return signal. Additionally, a CCZ-A cable (sold separately up to 100m) is required from the XDCU-50 to supply power to the XDCA-53. The combined camera signal + control signal + return signal + power can be transferred up to 100 meters (328 feet) without degradation. The system offers an affordable solution for people that require maximum versatility of each camcorder in either stand-alone or multi-camera operation.

Brand: Sony



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