Brand: Anton Bauer


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Product Description

The TITAN T2 is a two position simultaneous charger which features completely independent power channels and a 70 watt DC output for camera power. Like its smaller cousin the TITAN 70, T2 can be used much like a UPS, providing camera power from mains, but if mains power is interrupted, the camera will draw immediately, and without video glitch, from the battery. The high power independent channels make T2 the fastest charger in the AntonBauer lineup InterActive charge programming provides all charge termination and protection routines for safe, reliable, chemistry independent charging. Titan T2 automatically identifies battery type and chemistry adjusting the charge process for each battery. T2 will address all AntonBauer Gold Mount batteries including HyTRON and Dionic. T2's simultaneous charging reduces the time to obtain two fully charged batteries versus sequential charging charging two batteries in the time it takes a sequencing charger to address one battery. TITAN T2 meets all applicable standards including CE and FCC requirements.

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