Brand: Rode

MFR# Classic II Limited Edition

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Product Description

The RODE Classic and Classic II microphones were a labour of love. Each element, be it the capsule, the transformer, the valve, the body or the cable were of the finest quality available.

At the heart of both microphones is the 6072 Twin TRODE valve, as found in most of history's most revered transducers. Its unparalleled sonic characteristics have made it incredibly sought after, and with production ceasing over 30 years ago RODE were lucky to secure a production quantity of "new old stock" to be used exclusively in the Classic.

The transformer, custom designed by Jensen to perfectly match the 6072, pairs with the valve to provide the signature Classic warmth. Both the Classic and Classic II capsules are hand assembled dual pressure gradient transducers, sputtered with pure gold.

The centre-electrode design found in the Classic was modified to edge-terminated in its successor, resulting in a slightly lower noise level. The Classic II features nine polar patterns, in addition to a variable PAD and high pass filters.

The microphone body is machined from solid brass and polished by hand before coating with stain nickel.

Includes: SM2 Microphone Shock Mount, RM2 Ring-Mount Mic Stand, RC-CLII Flight Case, Multicore Cable, Commemorative Book,

Titanium Lifetime Warranty Card, 6072 Valve in Aluminium Cylinder.

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