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Product Description

The LMD 1541W is our second generation one piece design. This design is intended to offer a maximum performance model with all of the features included in one robust chassis. This model eliminates the slot structure used in our LMD XX51W series yet still includes all of the features. The LMD-1541W has a new waveform monitor with easier read display, New Vectorscope and Camera focusing. The LMD1541 also has closed caption and can be set to read from the ancillary or vertical areas of a SDI input. The LMD 1541W is a wide screen, slim and robust monitor. It provides high grade picture quality for high quality preview monitoring. It is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with digital galleries and can also be used as desktop monitor for editing or other broadcast and professional use. Redefining high performance in the mid-market sector, the LMD-1541W model incorporates WXGA resolution (1280x768 pixels) in a wide screen aspect ratio LCD panel. This LCD panel displays high brightness and contrast images together with a superior viewing angle of 178 degrees. The LMD-1541Ws chassis features a slim bezel front panel for space savings when installed in a digital gallery. The aluminium chassis also provides additional robustness for use in various demanding applications The LMD-1541W offers highly accurate and consistent color reproduction through its unique Sony ChromaTRU technology. This allows assured picture quality decisions as well as facilitating close color matching for tiling applications. *viewable area measured diagonally

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