Brand: Sony


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Product Description

The HXCU-D70 is a 19 inches full rack (1.5RU height) unit designed for use with the HXC-D70 camera. The HXCU-D70 is equipped with a front control panel which can control for normal picture making functions such as Iris, Master/Black levels, White levels, AWB (Auto white balance), ABB (Auto black balance) and two assignable switches plus one assignable potentiometer for more flexible operations. HXCU-D70 also has menu controls for deeper items to selects/controls. The completed signal interface ports are available on rear side of the HXCU-D70 such as HD-SDI, SD-SDI, Prompter and Return video. Variety of remote control panels are available to control and adjust the camera parameters. Furthermore, the Ethernet interface (100Base-T) that is built into the HXCU-D70 allows the HXC-D70 cameras to be controlled over an IP network in addition to Sony standard 8pins remote control interface.