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Product Description

HDFX100 (HDCU side) and the HDTX100 (Camera side) Triax Adaptors extensively broaden the range of applications suited to the HDC1000R/1500R. By converting optical fiber transmission to the widely used triax transmission, they provide the high reliability and stability needed for field-production applications. They enable high-quality pictures to be transmitted from the HDC1000R or HDC1500R camera or HDC1500R mounted on the HDLA1500 over long distances - up to 1400 m (4500 feet) with a 14.5 mm triax cable or 1000 m (3200 feet) with a 13.2 mm triax cable. In addition, the HDTX100 enables hybrid triax and optical fiber operation. In this case, longer cable runs of more than 2000 m (6500 feet) can be achieved with the HDC1500R portable camera.