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Product Description

The HDLA1507 used with the HDC1500R/1400R and HDC1550R/1450 cameras, it allows the camera to be used with a portable lens and a large CRT viewfinder (HDVF-700A) Thanks to its new Interlocking Mechanism the HDLA-1507 adaptor does not require any cable wirings. Utilizing a newly developed interlocking mechanism, the power, video, and control signals are passed on directly from the portable cameras to the HDLA Series adaptor. The interlocking mechanism allows for an astonishingly quick and smooth setup. Together with the low-profile design of the portable camera, the viewfinder position of the HDLA-1507 is 45 mm lower than the previous model. This low-profile design significantly improves the operator's view, as well as minimizes the parallax between the optical axis of the camera head and viewfinder.

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