Brand: Sony


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Product Description

Simple Signage Solutions from Sony are easy-to-use digital signage packages that allow small businesses to employ effective signage simply and easily. Each bundle includes a high-performance FWD display, plus a Hyper Media Player (HMP) containing user-friendly templates and management software, and the required connecting cable. Screens can have multiple zones, each containing a variety of content, such as a clock, real-time weather, traffic, or other news feed via RSS, pictures and/or video from files or streaming video content, freeform text, or bulleted lists. The built-in drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to create pages and programs quickly and easily. Since it runs in a browser, signs can even be updated from a wireless tablet or smartphone, or from a remote location. Because the displays use LED backlighting and the player uses only 3-6 watts of power, this signage solution is eco-friendly.

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