Brand: Anton Bauer


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Product Description

The ElipZ 10k is a 7.2 volt lithium ion battery capable of operating both a handheld camera and light for most of a shooting day. A single 10k battery will run the most popular mini-DV cameras for over 8 hours. ElipZ 10k is the first video battery to use the underside of the camera as a mounting surface, away from the operator controls and requiring no voltage conversion circuitry. This innovative battery provides a strong and secure structural foundation for the camera and can be adapted to any camera tripod or support through the standard camera support mounting on the bottom of the battery. Handheld cameras have been around since the days of Super-8 home movies. But today, handhelds offer a new freedom from the constraints of their larger shoulder-mounted cousins with many of the features of full size professional broadcast cameras. Generally, however, these cameras have been developed using architecture, especially accessories such as batteries and lights, brought up from consumer products as a way to keep their prices down. These batteries and lights, while suitable for home movies of family events, were not intended for video production professionals. For its new batteries and lighting system for handheld cameras, AntonBauer started from the beginning. The objective was to design a set of professional power , light and support accessories that could leverage the benefits of a handheld camera - from price to performance. ElipZ actually improves on the reasons that handheld have become popular - extended runtime in the field, unique camera angles and movements in a compact lightweight form factor. The unique design of the ElipZ 10k battery and the new ElightZ (optional) form a perfect team in the same way the AntonBauer Gold Mount batteries and UltraLight team up as the performance benchmark for shoulder mounted 12 volt cameras.

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