Brand: Sony


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Product Description

The BP-L80S is a hard carbon type LIthium-ion battery pack. Capacity is 83.5Wh and maximum/nominal voltage is 16.8V/14.4V. This new battery features a long life similar to BP-L90A and BP-L60A. Camcorders applicable to the BP-L80S are: PDW series, HDW-F900/700 series, HDW-730/750 series, MSW-900 series, DVW-707/709WS/790WS series, DNW-7/ 9/90WS series, DSR-400/450WSL series, DSR-250 series. VTRs applicable to the BP-L80S are: PDW-V1 series, HDW-250 series, DVW-250 series, DNW-A220/A25/A25WS series, DNV-5 series, DSR-50 series, DSR-1 series, SRW-1 (with SRPC-1)