Brand: Blackmagic Design

MFR# MFC-8320-NS-P

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Product Description

The DFR-8321-CNS-P OpenGear Frame from Blackmagic Design is a 21-slot, open-standards chassis that can be mounted in a rack for conversion and processing work. The chassis accepts different modules to enhance its functionality, allowing the solution to be expanded or scaled at will.

This model contains cooling fans, one power supply and the MFC-8320-NS-P network controller card. Support for SNMP is a standard feature on this card. There is also an extra slot where a redundant PS-8300 power supply can be added.

The MFC-8320-NS-P network controller card allows you to have multiple connections through the Dashboard application. The network controller card also supports DataSafe, slot renaming and the ability to upload perimeters from a file or other cards. SNMP functionality may be added by purchasing a separate license.

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