Atomos Shogun Inferno | 7 Inch Touchscreen Recording Camera Monitor
Atomos Shogun Inferno | 7 Inch Touchscreen Recording Camera Monitor


This fits your . 7" SuperAtom 325 PPI 1920x1200 IPS Touch Screen Flame AtomHDR Sunhood Atomos HPRC Custom Carry Case (hard shell) SSD/HDD Master Caddy II x 5, 5200mAh Battery x 2 (NP770 N,L), Single Fast AC Battery Charger 12V/2A HDD/SSD Docking Station (USB 3.0 Only), D-Tap to DC Barrel coil cable, LockingCircular to Balanced XLR 2in/2out configurable, 12v 3A, Shogun DC Power Supply x2

Customer Feedback

★★★★☆ Four Stars


So far I'm liking this recorder.Pros: -It's breathed new life into my A7s, the prores files it records are much more flexible in post and obviously have more resolution due to 4k (vs. 1080p internal recording). I have yet to use it with other cameras but I intend to soon.-The screen has great detail and is BRIGHT! I'm loving the HDR option, though it's kinda tricky to use with an 8bit image.- Loadable LUTs are wonderful. You can make your own and load up the 8 on the drive. My director loves the image with a "look" rather that the log image. No more explaining the clients why the image looks all flat and bland.-The scopes are great, although I wish there was an option to have them small on the bottom and not overlayed on the image. Small, med, and large view are all overlayed.Cons:- No proxy recording?! seems like a simple and very useful function to add. My A7s can't record internally while outputting 4K so all I have for the editor are big files.- Fan can be LOUD, about as loud as my macbook pro when running hot. Not the worst, but certainly could be quieter.- something weird happens to the image when punched in for 1-1 focus confirmation. Even when not using a LUT the image looses contrast for some reason. Hopefully it's fixed with a firmware update.- eats batteries. I usually run the A7s and the shogun of the same Gold mount battery and three usually last me a day. When I throw it on a Ronin and use the supplied batteries, I'm lucky to get 30 minutes each.- The hardcase it came in reeks like fish. I've had several people ask me what the deal it. I'm assuming there's some kind of weird off-gassing from the manufacturing process. I left it open for a few days to air out, but still stinks. I think it's the foam. Kinda gross.I still have some feature to test out (RAW recording, primarily) and I'll update this review once the latest firmware is released.

★★★★★ Five Stars


This is great companion to my FS5. Being able to see my s-log and have a 1500 nit monitor is crucial. I also love the fact I can shoot timelapse right into a 4K pro-res codec. By far the best monitor I've ever used. I wish I had this monitor when I was shooting on green screen for 6 months. Love the wave forms, RGB, & Vector scopes.

Brand: Atomos


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