Monoprice 15" LCD Touchscreen Monitor - 4:3 - 12 ms - 6958

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Why use a mouse to point at something on the screen? Isn't it more intuitive to just point at the screen with your finger? Get this LCD touch screen from Monoprice and let your cat play with the mouse!

This display utilizes Resistive Touch Screen technology, which allows it to respond to any type of touch, without the need for special gloves or a special stylus. This makes it more intuitive to use by children or in any public environment.

This 15-inch 4:3 screen uses a standard analog VGA interface, which means it can be used with almost any computer or operating system. It has a maximum display resolution of 1024x768 and a touch resolution of 2048 x 2048. The transparency is 80% ±3% and it is designed to work for more than 35 million touches.

  • CCFL backlighting technology enabled for a bright and sharp display
  • The 500:1 contrast ratio produces enhanced sharpness and shading accuracy in each picture
  • The 350 Nit brightness gives an exceptionally visible display for clear and consistent on-screen pictures
  • Resistive touch screens have inflexible bottom layer and an adaptable top layer which are coated with a clear conductive material and are separated by an air gap
  • VESA mount compatibility allows you to mount the touch screen on a wall or with a stand depending on your specific needs
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