Mimo Monitors Wall Mount for Tablet, Monitor - Matte Black - MWB-10-MCT

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Designed by Mimo Monitors for Mimo Monitors.
Specifically designed to fit our products seamlessly, our in-wall tablet enclosure is the perfect synthesis of form & function. With only 2.5mm outside the wall cavity, its ultra-low profile design, and matte black color, will look great in any environment and is perfect for retrofit and new construction applications. Easy one-cut, drop-in installation with simple rotating mounting flanges to engage drywall with ease. With plenty of extra room, you can use the in-wall box to hide additional electronics. Every piece is made from high quality metals - for uncompromising strength, durability, and outstanding aesthetics.

Snap-on cover
We understand that at times, getting access to the enclosed tablet is required. The removable snap-on cover allows easy access to the enclosed tablet - yet remains firmly in place, thanks to its snap fasteners. With the cover in place, access to the touch function is not inhibited, while hiding access to cables and other system ports, functions, and switches. Maybe the tablet needs to be disabled, or the tablet needs to be removed all together. Our tablet mount makes this easy! The cover is held firmly in place via our precision fitted fasteners - yet is easily removed with just a small amount of force.

Portrait or Landscape Installation
Sometimes, certain apps such as meeting room scheduling or reservation software are locked to a landscape orientation. Maybe the time card or "check in" app you're using is designed for a portrait view. No worries! Our tablet enclosure can be mounted in portrait or landscape orientations.
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