Lenovo Emulex 16Gb Gen6 FC Dual-port HBA - 01CV840

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The Emulex 16 Gb Generation 6 Fibre Channel (FC) host bus adapters (HBAs) are an ideal solution when requiring high-speed data transfer in storage connectivity for virtualized environments, data backup, and mission-critical applications.

This product guide describes the Emulex HBAs and provides essential pre-sales information to understand the products, their key features and specifications, and compatibility. This guide is intended for technical specialists, sales specialists, sales engineers, and IT architects who want to learn more about the adapters and consider their use in IT solutions.

  • Maximum performance with up to 1.6 million input/output operations per second (IOPS) to support larger server virtualization deployments and scalable cloud initiatives, and performance to match new multicore processors, SSDs/flash storage, and faster server host bus architectures.
  • Supports Brocade Clearlink diagnostics, which helps ensure optical and signal integrity for Fibre Channel cables and optics by validating the health, reliability and performance of the network prior to, and after, deployment. Allows the IT administrator to detect faulty cables and optics in minutes versus hours. Brocade ClearLink is also seamlessly integrated into Emulex OneCommand.
  • Offer end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) application prioritization with ExpressLane technology, which allows customers to prioritize faster storage traffic (such as SSDs) ahead of slower traffic (such as spinning hard drives), alleviating potential bottlenecks from slow storage.
  • Frame-level multiplexing and out-of-order frame reassembly increases link efficiency and maximizes HBA performance.
  • vScale performance and scalability: Multicore ASIC engine with eight cores supports 255 VFs, 1024 MSI-X, and 16127 logins/open exchanges for maximum VM density.
  • The Emulex OneCommand Manager enterprise class management application features a multiprotocol and cross-platform architecture that provides centralized management of all Emulex HBAs. VMware vCenter plug-in provides OneCommand support within a VMware environment.
  • GreenState power efficiency reduces data center power consumption and associated operational expenses by delivering exceptional power to port ratios.
  • End-to-end data protection with hardware parity, CRC, ECC, and other advanced error checking and correcting algorithms, which ensures that data is safe from corruption.
  • Support forward error correction (FEC), a new Gen 6 standard feature that provides enhanced data reliability and performance by automatically detecting and recovering from bit errors.
  • T10-PI data integrity with high performance offload provides end-to-end data corruption protection.
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