Lectrosonics SMV Super Miniature Wireless Microphone Transmitter Block 941

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The SMV-941 series transmitters offer selectable output power of 50 or 100 mW. With higher power output, the operating range is improved at the expense of battery life. When range is not an issue, the power can be reduced to extend the battery life. The transmitters offer hands free setup and adjustment using audible tones generated by a smart phone held close to the microphone. The transmitters can be put to sleep to conserve battery power during setup while the transmitters are buried deep inside costuming, then awakened for normal operation when the production begins.Other features include frequency and audio level adjustment and control lockout. A water resistant control panel with LCD, membrane switches and multi-color LEDs make input gain adjustments, frequency and compatibility mode selection quick and accurate. The battery compartment uses AA batteries and is accessed through a rotating door. A special vent in the battery door prevents a vacuum from being created inside the transmitter when it is moved from a warm, damp environment and stored in a cool place. The vent allows air to pass as the pressure equalizes, but blocks the passage of moisture.The input section features the unique Lectrosonics servo bias input circuitry with a standard TA5M jack for use with electret lavaliere mics, dynamic mics, or line level signals. A DSP-controlled analog audio limiter is employed ahead of the first mic preamp to protect the entire audio chain from overload. The limiter has a range of more than 30 dB for excellent overload protection and a dual release envelope that makes the limiter acoustically transparent while maintaining low distortion. The limiter recovers quickly from brief transient peaks, and handles longer lasting peaks with no distortion.The housing is machined from a solid aluminum billet to provide an extremely lightweight and rugged package. The exterior of the housing is finished in a special non-corrosive electroless nickel plating that resists salt water exposure and perspiration. The finish is hardened to resist scratching.


  • Selectable 50 or 100 mW output power
  • Water resistant seals for use in damp environments
  • LCD interface with lockout option
  • Compatibility mode for use with Lectrosonics IFB receivers
  • Servo Bias input circuitry
  • IR (infrared) port for fast setup
  • Remote controlled dweedle tones (audio tone setup control)
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