Lectrosonics 2.5ft 1/4" Straight Phone Plug to TA5F Musical Instrument Cable

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The Passive cable for high output active pickups and line outputs from keyboards and other audio equipment for all Lectrosonics transmitters with 5-pin input jacks. Start with the input gain control knob on the transmitter between 10 and 11rsquo;o clock for typical guitar pickups. Play at the same level that will be used during the performance and fine adjust the gain control knob so the -20 LED flickers red (indicating +0dB) during the loudest passages.


  • Suitable for use with all transmitters, including IM, LM, UM400, SM Series, SMa Series, LMa and UM400a models
  • Built-in JFET active preamp for optimum interface with instrument pickups
  • Designed for musicians who demand rugged, high quality equipment and the best sound quality available
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