Kramer 7-Inch Wall & Table Mount PoE Touch Panel - 30-001790

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KT-107 is a 7-inch IPS multi-touch, powerful touch panel with 1280x800 resolution. Elegantly designed for decorative room integration, this portable touch panel can be deployed either tabletop or on-wall, mounted inside standard in-wall junction boxes. KT-107 supports wired Power over Ethernet (PoE) and advanced Wi-Fi connectivity options. The touch panel comes with table and wall mounts, a USB cable and a power supply unit for easy installation, with elegant wiring and secured mounting, reliable operation and flexible deployment. The KT-107 is an Android-based touch panel that is ideal for any 24/7 Kramer-supported commercial AV or control application and features a user-friendly, fully customizable graphical user interface configured by Kramer software. The KT-107RB Wi-Fi 5GHz frequency band range is restricted to up to 5.35GHz.

  • Elegant Design - Smooth integration with room furniture design, either on table or wall, with flexible panel cabling and locking design options.
  • Superior User Experience - IPS 1280x800 hi-resolution screen with ±80° horizontal and vertical wide viewing angles, built-in lighting sensor for auto-adaptable brightness, with advanced 10 multi-touch points and 2-finger gesture capabilities.
  • Powerful Processing - Quad-core CPU, GPU, 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM processing performance, smoothly running complicated media and graphics rich applications, such as H.265 video and audio streams encoding and decoding, and seamless hi-resolution 2Mp HD front camera operations.
  • Flexible Services - Advanced Android 6.0 Operating System with rich Kramer and market-available applications from cloud/store offerings, such as K-Touch Control.
  • Easy Installation - Powering and connectivity via a single Ethernet cable.
  • Flexible Mounting - Including table and wall mounts that fit into standard market-available 2 gang in-wall junction boxes.
  • Optional Connectivity - Simple wireless BTLE 4.0 Bluetooth as well as connection to USB peripheral devices for either table or wall-mount installations, using the included USB cable.
  • Reliable Networking - Seamless switching between wired and wireless 802.11ac connectivity.
  • Versatile Powering Options - PoE, PSU and battery.
  • Auto Sensing - Optimized performance and operation according to automatically detected LAN speed.
  • Firmware Update - Via USB port.
  • Secured Deployment - Flexible locking options to prevent unwanted panel-mount removal, elegantly designed to remain out of site.
  • Secured Operation - Highly secured operation of applications such as password protected exit, hidden control buttons and so on. Red LED alert when camera is active.
  • Control user interface in meeting and conference rooms, boardrooms, and auditoriums
  • Presentation of room scheduling

  • 7" elegant, portable, high-quality touch panel
  • Single Ethernet cable for connectivity & powering
  • Resilient 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Flexible mounting and security options
  • Android 6.0 OS
  • Supported by: Kramer Control and K-Touch
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