Kramer 2x1 Automatic HDMI Standby Switcher - 70-80211190

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The VS-211HA is a high-performance automatic standby switcher for HDMI video and unbalanced stereo audio signals. The VS-211HA can be used as a manual 2x1 switcher or automatic switcher. The switcher uses a priority input or last connected input.

  • Max. Data Rate - 6.75Gbps (2.25Gbps per graphic channel).
  • HDMI & HDCP Compliant.
  • HDTV Compatible.
  • Advanced Auto Switching - Based on video clock detection.
  • Automatic Output Shutdown - If no input signal is detected after a configurable idle period.
  • 3D Pass Through.
  • EDID PassThru - Passes EDID signals from display to source.
  • Audio Return Channel (ARC) Pass Through.
  • Parallel Unbalanced Stereo Audio Switching.
  • Contact Closure Remote Control - For manual switching override.
  • DIP-Switches - For setting the switching mode.

  • Quickly switches both video and audio between sources without physical access
  • Trouble free connection with display
  • Connect single display to 2 sources
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