Kodak CyberTablet HD Graphic Tablet F8 - CYBERTABLET F8

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The KODAK CYBERTABLET F8 is an advanced graphic tablet that offers both PC and Mac users superior cursor control, greater productivity and higher efficiency. Perfect for art, business, presentations, and projects. The CYBERTABLET features 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity to imitate the subtleties of a brush stroke and other writing tools, while its multiple programmable hot keys provide various shortcuts to commonly used computer tasks. Plus, the drawing area allows increased precision and detail. This high quality graphic tablet is ideal for document annotation, free hand illustrations, graphic design, whiteboard presentations, or generally more precise cursor control.

8" x 5" Active Area

Enjoy the 8" x 5" drawing area that allows increased precision and detail.

6 Customizable shortcut Keys

6 customizable short cut keys help you express your big ideas for convenience and efficiency. The driver allows the shortcut keys to be attuned to many different software.

8192 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity

Create your masterpiece artwork using the KODAK CYBERTABLET F8's 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity which can imitate the subtleties of a brush stroke or a pencil.

Battery-Free Stylus

The stylus works just like a real pen, no battery and no charging required!

  • Battery Free Pen
  • Quick Response Time
  • 8192 Pressure Levels
  • Programmable Hotkeys
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