KoamTac Cradle - 892074

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KDC270 Charging cradles are the ideal way to charge your KDC270 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner or KDC280 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Barcode Scanner. Select a 1-slot Charging Cradle for your individual scanner charging or a 4-slot Charging Cradle to charge multiple scanners at one time! Simply place your KDC270 or KDC280 in the Charging Cradle complete with the bumper of a snug fit and the pogo pins will optimlaly charge your scanners. The cradles help minimize wires and the risk of damaging the micro-USB port on the device.

  • With the KoamTac Cradle, charge or synchronize data at the same time
  • The docking connectivity allows the user to charge their device easily
  • Fast speed and reliable Pogo Pin
  • The cradle has charging capability in it adding convenience
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