Fortinet Equilizer E250GX Server Load Balancer - CP-E250GX-BDL-247-12

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Reliable and robust load balancing and application delivery

At its heart, the Equalizer is a tried-and-true load balancer that can support almost any web-based application. From simple L4 TCP and UDP to advanced L7 HTTP and HTTPS, Coyote Point can provide basic load balancing to precise content switching with L7 Match Rules(AF). Equalizer gathers real-time information about a server's status using ICMP Probes, TCP Probes, Active Content Verification (ACV) and Server Agents to route traffic based on easily configurable business rules. All Equalizers support persistence using either cookies or IP addresses to reliably maintain server connections for your more advanced applications.
  • Gigabit Ethernet port - Provides ultra-fast network speed
  • Can be placed on desktop surface for standalone installation
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