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Superb audio quality and stable operation in a wide range of environments lt The third generation of Sony's acclaimed DWX series, this high-performance digital wireless bodypack transmitter is an ideal choice for live sound applicationsncluding theater and concerts, as well as studio-based TV production and ENG/EFP.ltLight and compact (27% smaller than its DWT-B01N predecessor), the DWT-B03R features a tough magnesium body That's resistant to rain, spray, and sweat.ltSony's advanced digital audio processing, encryption and RF transmission technologies assure secure, stable transmission and reception of very high quality audio with low latency.ltThe DWT-B03R is ideal for use in large-scale multi-channel productions, supporting up to 21 simultaneous channels per 8 MHz TV band or up to 16 simultaneous channels per 6 MHz TV band.ltThe DWT-B03R is compatible with Sony Wireless Studio control software for PC (Ver 5.0 or later), allowing flexible remote operation. Remote control of up to 82 transmitters is possible using the Cross Remotetrade function combined with the RMU-01 remote control unit (available separately).


  • Small, lightweight and robust magnesium body:
  • 27% smaller than its DWT-B01N predecessor
  • Very high quality wireless audio:
  • Advanced Sony codec design assures superb audio quality, with a high dynamic range of more than 106 dB, plus a wide frequency response of 20 Hz - 22 kHz and excellent transient response.
  • Low-latency audio:
  • Advanced Sony codec design reduces audio latency to as little as 1.2 msec (DWT-B03R and DWR-R03D total delay with codec mode2 and analog output)
  • Rain, sweat, and spray-proof:
  • Ideal for musicals, film production, or outdoor operation, the DWT-B03R features a tough magnesium body with a moisture-resistant housing gasket and splash-proof connector that resists rain, sweat, and spray.
  • (*IPX4/IPX5 rating based on standard testing by Sony.)
  • Long battery life:
  • Perform for longer with the high-capacity rechargeable NP-BX1 Li-ion battery (approx. 7 hours). The DWT-B03R is compatible with the optional BC-DWX1 Dual Charger.
  • 148MHz wideband:
  • Contributes to the reduction of equipment and burden of maintenance.
  • *depends on version
  • High density multi-channel operation:
  • Ideal for large-scale productions, the DWT-B03R supports high-density simultaneous multi-channel operation:
  • 375 kHz spacing accommodates up to 21 channels per 8 MHz TV band or up to 16 simultaneous channels per 6 MHz TV band.
  • AES 256bit encryption:
  • For secure encrypted transmission
  • Easy, versatile remote control:
  • The DWT-B03R is compatible with Sony's Wireless Studio control software for PC (Version 5.0 or later). Up to 82 transmitters can be controlled using the Cross Remote function and RMU-01 remote control unit (available separately).
  • Selectable RF output power:
  • RF output power level is selectable (2 mW/10 mW/25 mW) to prioritize stable multi-channel or long distance operation.
  • OLED display:
  • The easy-to-read OLED display gives confirmation of channel number, RF signal status, user name, user group and lock status.
  • Phase reverse mode:
  • It can change the audio phase by the menu.
  • User setting memory:
  • Settings can be easily stored to the memory of DWT-B03R.
  • Setting lock:
  • transmittersettings can be locked to prevent accidental operation during performance.
  • Transmitter/receiver identifying function:
  • Paired transmitters/receivers are identified by blinking display.
  • Small three-pin connector with lock
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