Brand: G-Technology

MFR# 0g00042

Enterprise-class SATA hard drives are specifically designed to withstand multi-user, 24 x 7 storage applications in systems such as network attached storage, RAID storage arrays and media servers. For enhanced reliability, enterprise-class drives are rated at 1.2-million hours mean time between failure (MTBF) and receive additional manufacturing testing at extended temperature ranges to ensure a target of less than one non-recoverable bit error per 1015 bits read. They also utilize enterprise-specific firmware to minimize the performance impact of rotational vibration interference (RVI) found in rack-mounted servers and multi-drive storage arrays. In addition, enterprise-class drives are designed for a low dollar per GB ratio with higher reliability, while minimizing power consumption. Combine all this with G-Tech's proven quality reputation, and G-Tech has raised the bar in delivering storage solutions specifically designed for the professional content creation market

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