TriCaster Mini: Small, Sleek and Exceptionally Simple

Anyone familiar with computer software and has access to one or more cameras can use TriCaster Mini to
capture and mix multiple live video camera angles with graphics, video clips, audio, titles and special
effects. Setup is fast, straightforward and uncomplicated, and within a matter of minutes, users can create
a multimedia program that looks professional without any other broadcast studio equipment or a
professional crew. An integrated and configurable video screen on the side of the system also serves as a
monitor for displaying a range of content selected by the user.
As newcomers become more comfortable with multimedia presentations, they can further explore a wide
range of creative tools that come standard with TriCaster Mini, including:

• Mix different visual sources
• Overlay logos, presentations, charts, titles, media files, animations
• Import your own branding elements and have them appear in transitions and animations
• Incorporate a slideshow, web-pages from another computer• Replace solid backgrounds with a simulated environment
• Webcast programs on a live video stream
• Post clips to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, your web site
• Have guest speakers call in from their webcams
• Record the program so people can watch it on-demand
• Record all camera footage simultaneously so you can edit the program
• Make keyboard shortcuts for sophisticated sequences with one touch

Pricing and Availability

TriCaster Mini, including the optional integrated display screen and system storage capable of recording
approximately 45 hours of footage, is available immediately for $7,995 USMSRP. TriCaster Mini is also
available without the integrated display screen and system storage capable of recording approximately 15
hours of footage for $5,995 USMSRP. An optional control surface is available for $2,495 USMSRP, and
an optional TriCaster Mini cable-kit with four 100-foot HDMI cables is also available for $495 USMSRP.

TriCaster Mini (w/Screen and 45 Hours of HD Storage) TriCaster Mini (Base Configuration) TriCaster Mini Surface Conrol 


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