Blackmagic Design openGear Frame with Cooling and Advanced Networking

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OpenGear is an open standard for rack mount converters and processing for television broadcasters. OpenGear uses a 2 rack unit rack frame that normally holds up to 10 plug in cards, or when using simpler cards, a double density frame can be used to hold up to 20 cards. Many manufacturers develop OpenGear cards and frames that can be mixed and matched. This gives you the freedom to build your facility without being locked into a proprietary rack standard. Whatever unique or custom need you have, there will most likely be an OpenGear partner who makes it! OpenGear cards are hot swappable and can be controlled by the same java based DashBoard network control and monitoring software. DashBoard automatically checks the plugged in cards function without any complicated driver loading. Broadcast Strength Conversion! Engineers love rack mounting converters because its the only way to make sure you can instantly change the converter in case of a break down.

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