Black Box Temperature Sensor String - EME1TS

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Accurate hot spot detection that protects your IT equipment
Know the temperature differentials in your data center's server cabinets. The sensor string's six temperature sensors always provide an accurate reading of cabinet temperature to ensure you know where the hot spots are.

Easy configuration for accurate hot spot readings

Place the sensors at the top, middle and bottom of the front and rear of the cabinet for the best readings. This configuration monitors air intake and exhaust temperatures of your cabinet and the temperature differential from the front to the rear of the cabinet.

Streamlined installation
No time wasted hassling with wires. The sensor is prewired to be easily installed in your cabinet.

Sensors come with both magnetic strips and double-sided VHB tape for easy attachment to your cabinet.

Space saving
Doesn't add clutter to your AlertWerks base unit. The sensor only uses a single sensor port on your AlertWerks base unit, leaving plenty of ports for other crucial connections.
  • Six temperature sensors detect hot spots in your data center cabinets.
  • Simple configuration that provides accurate readings.
  • Prewired for easy installation in your cabinet.
  • Compatible with all AlertWerks base units.
  • Comes with magnetic strips and double-sided VHB tape to connect to your cabinet.
  • Only uses a single port on your AlertWerks base unit.
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