Black Box Temperature Sensor - 1-ft. Cable - EME1T1SNMP-R2

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  • Just plug the temperature sensor into an RJ-45 port on the AlertWerks ServSensor and the ServSensor detects it automatically.
  • Never needs calibration.
  • A built-in graph option includes on the sensor graphs temperature variations over a period of time.
  • Has its own SNMP OID so it can collect data over a network and graph it using an external application such as MRTG.
  • Can be read using the included SNMP utilities to allow graphing and data logging at 0.5° C resolution.

  • Powered by the Environmental Monitoring System Hub no external power needed.
  • Sensor Type semiconductor microprocessor controlled.
  • Graphing and data logging at 1°F resolution
  • Measurement range of -67°F to +167°F.
  • Data can be collected over network and graphed using external application like MRTG.
  • Each temperature sensor has its own SNMP OID.
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