Black Box High-Density LMC5022C-R3 Transceiver/Media Converter - LMC5022C-R3

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The High-Density Media Converter System II module featured here is ideal for establishing longer Fast Ethernet runs across your campus and beyond. A 1300-nm multimode module, it transmits 100-Mbps data over duplex fiber as far as 2 kilometers (1.2 mi.), using ST® connections.

It belongs to a large family of modular media converter and communications options for your managed enterprise network. With many modules to choose from, this system can adapt to even the most demanding network configurations.

This modular media converter converts the incoming electrical signal from one cable type and then transmits it over another type. Bridging the gap between two different Ethernet types, it is totally transparent to network operation, having no effect on the data being sent across the link. What's more, this and all modules in the High-Density Media Converter System II are hot-swappable-you never need to power down a chassis to change a module.

The module has LinkLoss™, which notifies you of "silent failures" on copper-to-fiber links. LinkLoss enables you to troubleshoot network problems just by looking at the media converter's Link LED-the link status of the fiber segment will always be reflected by the twisted-pair segment so you're informed quickly of fiber problems.
  • Expand your network capabilities with this 2 transceiver/media converter
  • Supports cost-efficient twisted pair cables for high-speed data transfer up to 100 meters
  • With 100Base-TX technology get up to 100Mbps data transfer rate over twisted pair cable
  • Takes minimal energy and effort to get installed internally
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