Black Box DKM FX Transmitter Modular Interface Card, HDMI and USB over CATx - ACX1MT-HDMI-C

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  • Transmitter mainboard unit that can be installed in the DKM FX HD Video and Peripheral Matrix Switch Modular Housing Chassis.
  • Supports HDMI video signals with USB HID devices.
The DKM FX HD Video and Peripheral Matrix Switch System is comprised of modular housing chassis with 2, 4, 6, or 21 slots and transmitter and receiver interface cards. The DKM FX extender setup provides the widest range of possible combinations, which makes it easy to customize for your specific application.

These new DKM FX components are part of a modular system. You will need to contact Black Box to have them assembled to fit your application. To configure your DKM FX setup, call our FREE Tech Support.
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