Black Box DB9 2-to-1 Manual Desktop Switch - MMF All Leads - SWL030A-MMF

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  • All 9 pins on these DB9 switches are connected straight through. Choose from 2-to-1, 4 to 1, 6 to 1, or 2 to 2 DB9 switches.
Several female and/or male DB9 connector combinations are available.

ABC (2-to-1) switches link one peripheral to two devices.

ABCDE (4 to 1) switches connect one peripheral to four devices.

Both ABC and ABCDE switches have a wiring harness and use a "stackpole" switching mechanism. They have solder connections from the switching mechanism to the connectors.

X switches share two peripherals among two devices.

6 to 1 switches provide access to one peripheral from six devices.

  • Guaranteed for life!
  • Support nine leads.
  • All pins are connected straight through.
  • Ideal for PC-, printer-, plotter-, and modem-sharing applications.
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