Belkin Store and Charge Go With Portable Trays - B2B140

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Store and Charge Go is the ideal solution to store and charge multiple devices safely and conveniently. A base unit stores up to 10 devices and can be attached securely to a desktop or wall to save space. Removable five-compartment trays add portability for easy transportation. Able to charge up to 10 devices at the same time, while housing all charging cables neatly within the base unit, Store and Charge Go offers a universal storage solution for Chromebook computers, laptops, tablets, and more. Portable trays allow for customization. Store and Charge Go with fixed dividers is also available.

Made for:

Mobile devices including Chromebook™ computers, laptops, and tablets


1. Portable trays are compatible with a variety of classroom devices, and designed to offer fast and easy distribution of devices to students.

2. Ergonomic handles on bins for comfort.

3. Bins can be easily placed in a variety of positions without sacrificing bin stability.

4. Front and side slots keep cables organized.

5. Lock protection offers added security (lock not included).

6. Four holes on bottom of Store and Charge Go allow for easy surface and desk mounting.

7. Chargers are stored within the base of the charging station, keeping the area tidy.

8. Rack is designed to incorporate proper ventilation, helping to maintain optimal operational temperature.

9. A back bracket affords easy installation of optional Wall Mount.


Store and Charge Go includes removable trays for added portability. Designed to fit snugly within the base unit, these five-device trays feature easy-carry ergonomic handles. This makes it easy to bring devices from the place of charging to around the classroom for time-saving distribution among students.


Able to house up to 10 mobile devices, Store and Charge Go accommodates Chromebook computers, laptops, and tablets with or without cases. This means simultaneous charging for different devices, from different brands, using different charging connectors--with the added bonus that new devices will also slot in seamlessly.


An optional wall mount makes it easy to safely affix the Store and Charge Go to a wall, so you can save space in the classroom. The optional wall mount is available on


With so many features built-in, Store and Charge Go offers a high-value solution that delivers a low cost per device--essential for today's cost-sensitive classrooms. The simple, effective, and scalable design keeps installation and setup costs minimal, and requires little to no maintenance on a day-to-day basis.


The AC configuration includes a metal-case, surge-protected power source with 10 wide-spaced outlets and an on/off switch.


Connected Equipment Warranty to protect connected devices up to ,15,000.

  • 2 x 5 unit removable trays for portability (B2B140 only)
  • Charges 10 devices simultaneously
  • Compatible with multiple device types and brands
  • Wall-/desktop-mountable base
  • Base unit houses all chargers and cables
  • AC compatible
  • Includes surge protection
  • Connected Equipment Warranty
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