Arclyte Samsung Batt Boost Mobile SPH-D710; CDMA - MPB03596

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Arclyte's Samsung smartphone battery with part number(s) Boost Mobile SPH-D710; CDMA SCH-R760X (see compatibility list for more models). This battery is designed to be 100% compatible with your Samsung smartphone. Our smartphone batteries use only premium lithium Li-ion and Li-Polymer cells which offer quality, longevity, and safety. This battery is guaranteed to fit properly and will meet the performance standards of the original. If you are not satisfied, contact your reseller within 30 days to send the battery back for a refund. For more information please visit For more information please visit

  • Offers a reasonable fit to your cell phone
  • Rechargeable battery - Lasts longer on a single charge than its disposable counterparts
  • Smaller and lighter than other rechargeable batteries, proving ideal for portable devices
  • 3.7 V DC battery - Ensures a steady and uninterrupted supply to your cell phone
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