3M Framed Privacy Filter Black - PF200W9F

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Excellent for use in high-traffic areas, this lightweight privacy filter provides outstanding protection for your wide-screen LCD monitors that measure from 20" to 20.1". It allows only those directly in front of the monitor to see on-screen data. Others see only a darkened screen. Anti-reflective surface reduces screen glare and reflections. Filter protects fragile displays from scratches and damage. Mount easily with adhesive strips. Attachment system requires no hanger arms.

  • 100% hand inspected for quality assurance
  • Attaches with Command® Strips or hanger arms for framed mounting
  • Reduces 35% of blue light transmission from the display
  • Gives screens a layer of added protection from dust and scratches
  • Helps reduce reflections so you see your screen with a beautiful high-contrast, high-resolution quality you expect
  • Provides the highest contrast of 3M™ Privacy Filters for monitors, creates an excellent viewing experience with whiter whites and blacker blacks
  • Great for high-resolution monitors
  • Easy to remove for collaboration, sharing or to clean as needed
  • Nearly 20% more clarity than standard 3M™ Black Privacy Filters, the best level of clarity for monitors
  • Microlouver technology delivers world-class effective "black out" privacy from side views outside the 60-degree viewing angle
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